Ghost Glyph Slot

The new Ghost Glyph slot may remind you of Quickspin‘s other famous haunt-themed game, Goldenglyf. But don’t worry! These ghosts are friendly and will not move a muscle if they catch sight of your face through the screen before spinning begins (although who knows what goes on behind those sheet metal walls).

The developers of this slot game took a fresh approach to the paranormal. They kept symbols and colours light, but still included some spooky sounds in their soundtrack for an eerie feel!

Ghost Glyph

You can play the Golden Glyph slot on mobile devices too– including our PartyCasino app- and place bets between 20p and £100 per spin. The volatility here is medium, but with an RTP rate of just over96%.

Paytable and Cluster Wins

The symbols on this slot machine are different; there’s a series of coins with images like crescent moons, stars and gems. And then ghost weaving around them at specific points- but not in horizontal lines as most slots have!

Joining five or more of the same symbol in a cluster means you could win up to x840 your stake! But there are four types worth competing for low-value wins (worth 1 point), medium-value clusters at 3 points each; high value in fields which provide 8points+/-depending on where they fall within an individual game’s paytable-and finally everything else under this category will award 32additional credits instead if played strategically enough when engineering successful plays using replacement symbols.

The wild symbol in this game is an important one. Not only does it substitute for all other symbols apart from the ghost, but you should also be aware that there are two types of Wilds – Regular and Special ones! The first type looks just like any other symbol on your reels except they have no features whatsoever; while the second kind has small images next to them which make up their special ability when matched Pairing with other similar-looking Basic Guess Slots colours together (i e Ifboth were Labrador Retrievers).

Ghost Glyph

Special Feature and Bonuses

There is a real story behind Quickspin’s modern online video slots, and it has been their most successful element. The game includes narratives that build on each other until the player reaches his final scene inside a spooky mansion with all sorts of scary trap doors which can bring down any unsuspecting victim who dares walk through them without protection!

In a world where people with unimaginable powers exist, it is not hard to believe in magic. Aristotle once said that “the only thing so far discovered about nature which does not seem capable of explanation by known laws” was the periodic table and its configuration of common elements like hydrogen or carbon; he believed there must be more undiscovered principles at work here because no other natural phenomenon had yet been explained away completely – until now! In 1869 an Irish chemist named John Taylor failed spectacularly when trying his hand at discovering what would turn out (pre-laboratories) “to simply” be called ‘trypots’.

The games’ tumbling mechanics ensure that no matter how many times you win, there will always be something new waiting for your next play.

When a winning cluster removes itself from the grid, one space fills with its ghost symbol and acts as wild.

The ghost symbol is a vital part of any winning cluster because it flies away to activate an urn.

Before each spin, five ghost urns are placed above the grid at random. The blue key is always in the last position and can award different benefits depending on its colour: white for wise advice; red to increase your bet size should you win without collecting any prizes the first time around!

The yellow ghost urn is an important item that players can find in the game. It has been reported to increase your wild count by 10!

The Green Ghost Urn is an item that will transform low-paying symbols into more lucrative ones.

A red ghost urn is a tool that can be used to remove one of the low-value symbols from your game.

The Blue Ghost Urn is a unique item that initiates the bonus game or gives you three free spins when used in conjunction with your main selection.

The Blue Ghost Urn is a special slot machine that can be found in many casinos. To start, players receive eight free spins when all three urns have been activated – leaving the last one to activate for you! Once it does and your Paranormality Meter starts filling up with tumbles as well…you’re on track towards unlocking the Massive Wild feature from this bonus round once complete- which will give back an immense amount of cash if played correctly (but let’s not get ahead ourselves).

The mansion is a place where you can find some truly amazing things. There are always new surprises around every corner, and this time it’s no different! When I entered the door to my left eight maidens were waiting for me with their eyes sparkling in anticipation – they each carried an urn which would become one of our free spins tokens if activated by filling up on mortality pleasures (like playing slots). Inside these Weird Sisters, rooms lie all sorts of wild features including 3×3 sized Wilds that may help scoop bigger wins while giving players more opportunities at receiving high-value payouts…or even winning them outright without risking anything else than what’s already inside those beautiful golden pots.

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