Jekyll and Hyde Slot

Whether you’re a fan of the classic novel Jekyll and Hyde or not, there’s no doubt that this slot has something to offer. With its incredible bonuses and exciting gameplay elements like super wilds which can substitute for any other symbol on your reels at any time during game-play; it’ll take more than just good storytelling skills (or even acting) if one wants to emerge victorious from playing their favourite slots online!

The Playtech games have mostly used static images as background to their reels, such as White King 11 and Epic Ape. However, there is one thing that sets these two apart from others; green smoke puffs through the symbol on your screen when you spin it! The graphics, in general, are quite accomplished with high production values which make for a great experience no matter how old or newer someone might be playing this title at home (although if they’re looking specifically past its 2016 release date then mobile devices will offer them even better gameplay).

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The game has 2 different modes – base and feature. In the first one, Ā£0.25 per spin is a minimum bet with no maximum; while in the latter, there are various other bets available for playing such as 500pence or even 1000x your stake (depending on what’s best suited). The difference between these two extremes lies mainly within their respective payout amounts: if you win by scatters in Base Mode then the max payoff will be 750 X Your Cash Outlay whereas it may reach up to 1 million pounds when features come into play!

With an RTP ratio of 96.2%, it’s easy to see how the high wagering amounts can lead to heavy losses if you’re not careful with your betting strategy- but there is some good news! You’ll still be able to maintain most potential damages because this game has an overhead rate that comes out at just under 97%.

Feature Symbols

You will find the feature symbols are completely in line with your game’s theme. The exception is that lower paying cards exist, such as 10 J Q K A; these have values of 1 x bet for 5 kinds or less respectively – but you can still make some good money if they come up! Higher paying ones include books hats CANES characters from HENRY JEKYLL novel- 2 female leads & ill fate Dr henry jack llewellyneton.

Play Jekyll & Hyde Slot at PartyCasino

The wild symbol in Jekyll & Hyde online slot plays an important role. If you spot Mr. Hyde, he’s actually just some scary-looking guy with green hair who substitutes all other symbols except for scattersā€”represented by red and yellow potions respectively!

Bonuses and Jackpots

The base game has green potions as scatters. In this mode, everyone needs to land 3 or more of these symbols on the reels in order for it triggers free spins – but if you’re playing with features turned ON then just one will do!

The Hyde and Jekyll free-spin options have different wilds, but both give you multipliers when scatters land during the spin. The first option pays out higher than normal while encouraging risky plays with an increased return of up to x10!

The variations on this slot machine are endless! There’s a chance for the winnings to go up even higher than you would expect. Spin and find out what happens when 4 different types of bottles fall onto your reels, which has been known as one lucky gaming experience before.

Play Jekyll & Hyde Slot at PartyCasino

Jekyll and Hyde, a fun slot machine with big payouts that can be found at any online casino. If you play the free spins mode in this game then it is highly likely that your bankroll will grow exponentially large as various rewards await players who land on them during gameplay! The graphics are attractive enough to keep viewers entertained while they wait for their turn-and if there’s one thing we know about people who enjoy gambling…it’s how much patience they have when waiting around until finally getting into action .